General structure

General structure#

Each unit in this course typically contains the following components in chronological order:

  1. Pre-class preparation

    • Introductory problem

    • tasks / readings / videos for self-learning

    • Free-response problems / Quiz

  2. In-class lecture including feedback for the next unit

Please do 1 before our in-class lecture.

Some details about these components:

  1. The introductory problem may seem difficult at first sight. It is perfectly fine if you have difficulties with this question – this is a productive failure which prepares you for the concepts that you learn in this unit. Try to solve it even you don’t have any idea. Pay attention that you do not spend unreasonably long time so that you have also time for the rest of the preparation. For example if you have 5 hours of preparation planned for each week, you should not spend more than 2 hours for the introductory problem. You have already achieved the goal of the introductory problem if you identify where you have problems.

  2. Even the in-class lecture will contain a mini-lecture about the readings, we won’t cover every concept from the readings/videos — please take the time for reading! Note any uncertainties, because what we focus on in the class depends also on you.

  3. Do not leave these problems/quiz out! Testing your knowledge helps you to understand whether you understood the concepts.

  4. The in-class lecture will be structured as follows:

    • doubts/questions from the preparation — please submit them to your facilitator so that we can address them during the lecture.

    • a mini-lecture about important concepts

    • group activity

    • wrap-up activity